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Discover our artisanal spirulina, nutty-tasting nibs with antioxidant and iron levels for a maximum health benefits!

90 g – 1 month's worth of typical daily servings

Spirulina nibs are best product in superfood category 2016 (FFFA 2016)


The mildest tasting raw spirulina with a creamy and nutty flavour and a crunchy texture. Our spirulina nibs are the ideal format for first‐time tasters of raw spirulina. They are very convenient and can be sprinkled in virtually any dish.

Raw spirulina nibs: the basics

  • Ingredients: 100% raw dehydrated spirulina
  • Culinary-grade spirulina nibs
  • Net weight: 90 g, i.e., typically a full month's worth for an adult
  • Typical serving: 1 teaspoon (3–5 grams)
  • Artisanal eco-friendly cultivation techniques, with no pesticides used
  • Full traceability on batches with systematic microbiological analysis and control of the low level of heavy metals
  • Keeps for two years – in an open pouch that is correctly closed using the zip-lock, your raw spirulina will keep for a few months with all its crispiness and without any significant nutritional losses.

Genuinely raw spirulina, dehydrated at less than 42°C

An exceptional know-how is required to get the very best possible spirulina. We dry our spirulina at less than 42°C for an optimal preservation of spirulina's natural good taste and its nutrients. By keeping temperatures so low, oxidation and enzymatic reactions are kept to an absolute minimum, which enables us to get the very best taste and maximise nutrient content.

A humanitarian production in fair trade

Our Spirulina Nibs are produced in a humanitarian farm in Burkina Faso. This small tropical country has the ideal sunny climate that spirulina thrives on but severe malnutrition is very common there. In a fair trade approach, our sales in the UK help the farm achieve economic viability in its mission of supplying spirulina to vulnerable people (malnourished children, people with HIV/AIDS, etc.). Spirulina will contribute a critical intake of nutrients, either for free or at a subsidized cost. On average, for each pouch of spirulina nibs that you will purchase, our partner will be able to distribute a month of daily use for a malnourished person in Burkina Faso.
Our fair trade approach is certified by Made In Respect and audited by Ecocert.

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