My pregnancy is over: what now?

Being pregnant is an intense and taxing experience. Many moms seek at-home/natural methods of helping their body heal following pregnancy as health and well-being is typically affected – your energy levels are probably not what they used to be, perhaps to the point of fatigue, your skin tone is duller, etc.
Une femme enceinte dans l'ombre : son bébé puise dans ses réserves en fer et il est donc crucial de les complémenter par l'alimentation ou autre pour éviter les déficits lourds en conséquences – CC-BY Evgeniy Isaev

Overcome fatigue by replenishing your storage iron

Raw Spirulina can really help new moms, especially in fighting against tiredness and fatigue. The key reason why spirulina is a game changer in the matter is iron – and spirulina is the world’s richest source of bioavailable iron as well as being chock-full of other essential nutrients and antioxidants.
In a nutshell, physiological requirements in iron are three times higher than usual in pregnant women, with increasing demands as pregnancy advances and your baby needs more nutrients to build its own organism. More than three-quarters of women end their pregnancy with depleted storage iron. This soon leads to a fall in haemoglobin levels, and as a result the body transports oxygen to cells with less efficiency, resulting in low energy levels. Iron is an essential element in all cells and symptoms of iron deficiency are quick to arrive, ranging from fatigue to irritability, and poor concentration to hair loss.

Spirulina doesn’t limit itself to iron – give some welcome respite to your body!

On the top of correcting the prevalent lack of iron in new mothers, spirulina will contribute many antioxidants, essential minerals and vitamins in a natural way, providing your body with a welcome respite after nine months of hard work.
Why Gourmet Spirulina by the way? Simply because we’re the only ones to present culinary-grade spirulina, easy to sprinkle on foods and blend in smoothies without having to make an effort or sacrifice taste. Indeed, our raw spirulina is simply dehydrated and has a mild nutty taste, far from the stench of the usual spray-dried product, heated (we would say burnt!) at around 100°C. I will not hide that iron levels will be similar to other brands but overall nutrient quality will be much higher thanks to our bypassing the thermal shock in our minimally-processed products.
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